Volunteer Information

On-Course Volunteers: Spotters

Dynamic Discs needs volunteers who are willing to serve as a spotter for various times the 4 days of tournament play (Wednesday, July 10th – Saturday, July 13th). Spotting consists of staying in a general area on the course to help players finding and marking shots that may not be easily found or land out of bounds. While spotters are not responsible for making rules calls, they are integral in ensuring that the flow of the game goes smoothly.

On-Course volunteers will receive a Junior Worlds Volunteer dri-fit t-shirt, a Limited Edition Jr. Worlds Spotter hat, a stool, and a $25 voucher (redeemable at our Retail Store) for every four-hour shift worked. The greatest benefit of volunteering as a spotter means you have front-row seats to the tournament!

On-Course Volunteer Form

Off-Course Volunteers: Task Helpers

Dynamic Discs needs volunteers for specific jobs during the 2019 Junior Worlds event. The off-course volunteer opportunities include tasks such as assisting with Player Check-In, Player Meeting Set-Up, and Teardown. Although these tasks are not on the course where tournament play is happening, they are still very important parts of the event!

Off-Course volunteers may choose as many four-hour shift assignments as they are able to work. A volunteer will receive a $25 voucher to the Retail store for each 4-hour shift worked. Volunteers will also receive one Dri-FIT shirt for each day they volunteer (maximum of three shirts).

Off-Course Volunteer Form