Former PDGA Junior Champion

Nate Sexton


When and where did you win your junior world championships?
I won the <19 division in 2003 in London, Ontario, Canada.

What is a lasting memory from when you won your junior championship?
Most of my memories from the trip are centered around traveling to the event with my Dad. Flying into Detroit and driving into Canada. Eating poutine (a Canadian favorite, French fries with gravy and cheese curds!) and seeing the local area. I remember practicing the courses and meeting a bunch of other kids who were really into disc golf!

What is your best tip for a junior who wants to compete at the highest level?
To play at a high level as a junior you’ve got to practice and play a lot of disc golf! I think making sure you’ve got a good group of family or friends to play with is important to keeping the game fun, and important to help you get to tournaments to test and improve your skills.